The Child by Colour Pop review

Let’s discuss: The Child Palette by ColourPop, themed on Star Wars The Mandalorian featuring the flipping adorable Baby Yoda.

It sold out on first issue and I signed up for an email when it restocked. I laid in wait like a hunter and had finished my transaction within seconds of the drop.

The shipping time was faster than I expected but it felt like forever because…I have no patience.

The packaging is adorable. The box incorporates all the colors of the scheme well. Really, nothing with Baby Yoda can be bad.  The inner mirror says ‘Cutest in the Galaxy’ which is pretty accurate.

I haven’t seen the show so the shadow names don’t align with any existing knowledge and to me, only a couple of the names are intuitive and make sense.

The matte soft green (would be mint on the blue end of colors) here is a warm beige-d green shade and the name Baby Face suits it. It’s a soft and gentle color.

My son informs me that The Force is everything and that’s how I feel about The Force shade. It’s a chunky gold glitter/sequin finish which dabs on like a dream. I lost a lot of the glitter in blending, so I resorted to dabbing in place with my clean ring finger to get the level of ‘GOLD GLITTER’ I was after…I know this line isn’t about this eyeshadow, but it sure feels appropriate. (If you know where I can get this color in a single pan, let me know!)

“Don’t underestimate the Force.” – Darth Vader

For mattes, we have Just Like a Tatooine (tan/beige), Baby Face, Float Your Crib (mid-green tending toward brown) and Droid Protocol (warm, medium brown). Like all CP shades, they swatch out as they look in the pan. They blend well on a prepared lid.

Little Frog is an interesting finish: it’s almost matte but has a low-key shimmer to it in a soft, khaki green. I will probably use this color with some more neutrals in the future.

Precious Cargo, Right Hand Mando, Sipping Soup and The Force are all glitter/shimmer finishes ranging from tiny to chunky. All of them offer better glitter coverage when dabbed on than blended with a brush.

Starting with the objective: Price is reasonable, 9 pans for $16.  The packaging is well-made, on theme and displays the color scheme decently. The quality is great: colors have good payoff, last well on a prepped lid and create a normal amount of fallout. (Let’s be clear: it’s still enough fall out to make doing your face AFTER your eyes the better plan.)

Now, the opinion you’ve been dying for, right? It’s a cute idea. The colors are fun and light and we need the hell out of that right now. The color scheme isn’t one I’ll dream about. If I was improving this for myself, I’d like a deep orange matte and a white/near white matte to anchor the greens here. I’d get rid of two of the green shimmers (two is plenty!) and end up with a mix that would be more practical for me.

I heard some comparisons of this color scheme to the Kylie x Grinch scheme, here is my take: The Kylie palette is twice the number of shades and some of them would work great to add depth and interest in the sea of greens herein. I could see the Kylie one becoming a hot rotation in my kit but this one is more for fun when I want to play with colors.

Get yours here:

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