Olfactif: Choosing new perfumes can be easy…and won’t give you a headache!

Olfactif by Art of Perfume subscription box review

I’ve been wearing the same perfume for years. I’m always reluctant to step out of my standard scents because perfume isn’t cheap. I’ve tossed far too many bottles of smells that I insisted I liked when I was paying for them and never wore. Then, they sit in the closet for a few years before I finally toss them. 

I’ve tried going to the beauty stores in the mall and overwhelming myself with so many different scents until you can’t tell them apart. The coffee beans in a jar clear your palate a few times but quickly lose their impact. Layered on top of the fragrant smells common to those stores, it’s almost impossible to know what your purchase really smell like on it’s own.

How do you move to new perfumes? You subscribe.

I discovered Olfactif, which sends you curated collection of three scents each month, in sample sizes large enough to actually use and appreciate while removing the ‘I don’t think I like that’ first reaction to new perfumes.

I got the November collection last week. It shipped quickly and the packaging was modern and clean. It comes with a card detailing the theme and how the scents relate to the theme. 

The left is called Back Bay by BlueHill Fragrance. It’s a light floral, with notes of ‘clean’. It smells like a floral scent for today on a base of subtle bergamot. Over time, the floral mellows and the clean notes remain. This makes me think of a button down shirt under a sweater with pearl earrings. I didn’t stop sniffing my arm all day.  On my subsequent wears, I’ve been even more enraptured. It’s almost better when the smell has had time to mellow out and the clean scents hold their own against the floral. I will be buying a full-size bottle of this one. (Olfactif offers a 20% discount on a full-size bottle of scents from your collection box!)

 The middle is Battaniye. It’s a heavy amber/patchouli scent that is layered over a scent of wool–like the blankets at grandma’s house when you were little. I am not a fan, sadly, as I find the scent a bit heavier than I like. It is powerfully scented and you’d only need a drop to make an impact. On first smell, my husband said it smelled like the markets of the Middle East (amber/incense smell) which is accurate as it’s made by a Turkish perfumer. Over time, the amber scent lightens but the wool/fabric smell does not. I did give it a fair try, as Olfactif’s notes request. 

 The right one is called Lipstick Fever by Juliet Has A Gun. First impression was ‘wow, this smells sexy’ which isn’t very helpful but it was my first reaction. It is intended to evoke the smell of lipstick so it’s got some fruit and vanilla to it but it’s got a deeper woody note too, so it lends a heft to it. This is a perfume for a woman on a mission, be it a date, a job or an argument. I feel tough but feminine with this on. Since getting this, I have used it several times. I found I enjoyed it most when I applied it to warm skin after a shower. The smell was not overpowering, yet it was distinctive and sensual. I’m considering a full-size bottle of this one, too, for days when I need to kick some ass.

 The best part of the experience was being able to luxuriate and soak in each scent on it’s own, over time with no competing smells (and no one hassling you to move along to the next store.)

If you want to give it a try, click here for subscription information. 

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