November 2020 Allure Beauty Box: Brilliant!

Sometimes, I say aspirational things that I intend to do: eat better and drink less soda and floss every night (like an adult) but know deep in my heart that I’m not going to change my ways.

This time, I’m going to tell myself and everyone else that I’m going to cancel some of my subscription box and beauty box orders. (I’m probably not, but I really want to WANT to do it…)

I don’t need anything; I have enough of everything for at least a year.

That’s for another post though.

In this post, you are hearing the post unboxing rush.

What did I get this time? ALLURE beauty box for November 2020.

This monthly box costs $23 per month, or $250 per year. (The price increased in 2020 from $15.)

My variation, with a value of over $100 per Allure, contained:

  • Acure Ultra Hydrating 12 hour facial moisturizer, .67oz (Deluxe sample)
  • Mannakadar Beauty Lip Bliss lip mask, 10g (Full size, I think)
  • Nature Labs Tokyo Scalp Scrub, 2oz (Deluxe sample)
  • Josephine Eye Dazzle in Meet Leona, 6g (Full size)
  • Dermelect Cosmecuticals Self-Esteem Beauty Sleep Serum, 1oz (Full size)
  • When The Last Choice Bio-Celluose Sheet Mask, 1 mask (Full size)
  • Amore Pacific Time Response Eye Reserve Cream, 3ml (Full size)
  • Skinmedica Instant Bright Eye Mask, 1 pair (Sample)
  • Neogen Dermology Real Ferment Micro-Essence, .67oz (Deluxe Sample)

Packaging is a functional cardboard box. It’s not as luxurious as Glossy Box, but it’s sturdy and all my products arrived undamaged and sealed.

Personal annoyance: my mail delivery person writes my house number on the boxes, which makes sense. It happened to my Fab Fit Fun last time around and I was quite bummed: it was in sharpie, and large, in a place you couldn’t really cover it. It’s literally the only downside to outer box as storage box. I’ll live.

The stand-out item in this box, and my reason for purchase, is the Nature Labs Tokyo Scalp Scrub. I got this in a prior Birchbox and fell in love. Used before shampoo, it gently scrubs and refreshes your scalp. I have curly CURLY hair and use quite a bit of protectant and styling product to manage it. This scrub is a rough textured gel product. Working this into your scalp in a steamy shower feels luxurious as it’s an unexpected sensation. Have you ever scrubbed your scalp at home? Not before this, I hadn’t. I tell you what though, I won’t be without it ever again. The only downside is you can’t really show off your clean scalp like you can smooth skin. That would just be strange.  Follow it with one of those ‘smells like a good quality hotel’ shampoo and conditioner pairings to bounce out of that shower hoping people smell your hair.  This sample is generous, and I will get about 4 uses out of it.

I was less than thrilled to get more sheet masks and eye masks. Masks, both sheet and eye, aren’t a regular part of my routine. I put them in the pass along pile. It’s going to be relatively awkward when I give away a massive pile of sheet masks like some face-obsessed creep. (You should feel strong Silence of the Lambs vibe there.)

I want to try the Micro Essence today. I am going to have to take photos of the label and blow them up on my phone screen to read the instructions though. That’s how my 40’s are going. In my defense, the bottle is clear and the type is at best 2pt in mid-blue. If you can see that, you don’t need the contents of the bottle to regain your youth. Put it down and go enjoy your ache-free elbows and knees that don’t click.

How did we do with the November 2020 Allure Box?

There were 9 of total items in this box, 5 are full size. I am pretty pleased to have 6 of them to use and stash. 3 of them will go into my massive donation pile.

My only suggestion here is: give me fewer items, if the items you are leaving out are filler themselves. No more sheet masks for a while, ok? Same for eye masks and black eyeliner, no matter how fancy the name.

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