Eyebrow follies solved: Thanks, Glossier.

Hi, I’m addicted to Glossier products.

I’m actually wearing one of my multiple Glossier hoodies as I write this.

Let’s talk a little about eyebrow products. Glossier NAILS this realm. I’ve tried every brand out there, from the budget to the most-well known brands (brow bar, anyone?) and I’ve never fallen in love like this before.

The packaging is clean and attractive. Each order comes with a pink pouch and stickers. (You can decline those in the checkout flow, for those interested in reducing their consumption.) The shipping is reasonably quick. I’ve never had a product arrive damaged, nor have any of my MANY orders been delayed or mislaid.

I’m on a mission to never own or use a product that is tested on animals at any point in development. This is a line in the sand. I’ve chucked expensive products I just bought (research FIRST, people!) with zero regret when I discover animal testing is part of their process. Glossier is 100% cruelty-free. You can check some up-to-date lists here.

I encourage you to have a clean-out of your products on the animal testing list AND EMAIL THE COMPANY TO TELL THEM. One email might not change things. Finding out that lots of people won’t touch their products because they are archaic and cruel might move things along.

Hopping off my soapbox now.

Boy Brow: This is home run. The formula is creamy to apply without being drippy or powdery. It dries quickly and allows you to brush through to soften the color without flaking off. It lasts. There isn’t a really good way to prime your brows, so staying power is critical for those of us with invisible eyebrows. THEY LAUNCHED THIS IN AUBURN. As a redhead, I often struggle to find products that match my coloring well. My previous purchases have been Blond and Brown, which did the job but weren’t nearly as great of color for me as Auburn. The auburn is FLAWLESS for me. It’s deep enough to enhance my brows but not so strong I look like I’ve taken a Sharpie to them. It’s me and Boy Brow in Auburn till I die.

That said, I do have one little spot in my right brow that’s got no hair. Why? Oh, because I tweezed it out as a child when I didn’t understand that shaping your brows doesn’t involve removing the middle of them. Anyway, yeah, teach your girls how to groom their brows, I’m begging you. For this naked spot, Brow Flick to the rescue. It’s like a super fine point felt-tip that lets you delicately stroke on individual hairs to cover up that naked spot. I have zero complaints about the staying power or the wear on this. That’s rare. EVERY brand makes eyebrow products and most of them suck at either formula or staying power.

The only bad thing I can say about brow flick: It’s not available in Auburn. I use Blond as it is light enough to add that definition without the angry brow thing. Get yours here.

Have you tried Glossier brow products? Do you love them as much as I do?

C’mon back tomorrow for a quick review of Balm dot Calm, Skywash eye colors and CLOUD PAINT (You didn’t think I’d skip that one, did you?!?!).

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